Global Nation Organization A modern human society for intellectuals to assist in engineering a Whole World Government for the better of environment and human development.

About Us

Welcoming Words by the President

The Global Nation Organization was founded by political enthusiasts in order to reset common values among men, women and children and we welcome all members of society who wish to secure our future through love, hard work and integrity.

Over time our organization has changed from a political party to a non-profit organization that internally influences politics and general human development. At this point in time we are, together with other historically successful societies, engineering the global government of the future. Some name it “New World Order”. There are many theatricians who misleadingly use this term of ours to construct exactly the opposite and thereby continue to fund the seed of all evil.

We find that our equivalently orientated ancestors were followed, tortured and taxed for being nothing more than objective. Times have changed. The time has come. Through the ages we have found that the most powerful way to instrumentally immunize individuals or groups against causing inhumane and ignorant international disasters with war and poverty being the final product, is to remotely encourage modern democracy through globalisation, practice strict but fair and objective law enforcement, manage employment according to the talents of employees and educate at all cost. We work hard and dedicated for solutions, not escapes. The solution to every problem is education, finance and labour - this we know.

We don’t run from theatrical authorities or follow their orders blindly, we confront them objectively and take organized surgical steps that clearly differentiate our characters from other humans. We are better humans. We are people who cannot accept mental or physical slavery, we carry out our missions at all costs, we decide about the future. Our members are clearly neither communists nor capitalists. Our members are objectivists who understand the elements of survival and fairness. By what we do and how we live we see that we are the future. We are organized, we are the people of nations, we are global. Collectively we are the Global Nation Organization.

Mission Statement

With education being our guideline, our ambition is one against outdated superstition, against poverty, against foul politics, unscrupulous business practices, physical or mental mistreatment, ignorance, scientifically unjustified practices, and finally environmental rape of our surroundings. We define all of such elements as crime. For this reason we call upon operative and honorary members of all nations to assist us in achieving our prospects for the future.

We further cooperate and support organisations that follow similar guidelines. Together we aim to reclaim the control of global governmental issues for the betterment of all people.

Information for Operative and Honorary Members If you are an intellectual who influences religion, science, management, finances, medicine, politics or people, then you are a part of the driving force of our society and you could be a key figure in making our globe a better one. Whereas some members volunteer to field operations, we also require experienced honorary members whom consult us in certain issues.

Whoever joins us may choose to remain anonymous and has no obligation to fund us. We refrain from faming ourselves for our actions, our satisfaction is the stepwise achievement of our ambition. We are the people, we fund each other by educating one another. With the global experience of more than 16.725 expert entities we are well equipped for our missions. Request our Application Form.

Closing Words by the Senior Operative Member

We thank you for visiting our website. Together we can create a world for our descendants that unites as one nation with one cause. A nation that properly uses resources without leaving the planet barren. A nation where each member of society aspires to achieve greatness with the tools we offer.